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Engine Air Filtration Media
Advantages of Genplus Kafron® air intake filter media :
Kafron® helps Automobile Engines Run at the Highest Efficiency,
Optimum airflow helps ensure engines run most effectively, which reduces fuel waste. Kafron® is specifically designed and engineered for high efficiency air filters. The specialized technology used for the production of this unique product made it to possible to provide a good filtration media that offers excellent efficiency, exceptional dust-holding capacity and a low pressure drop.
Kafron® is made using a special manufacturing process (3-layer),
Pore size varies from top to bottom in Kafron®, and particles are forced to follow a tortuous path through the Triple layer filtration media system. Larger particles are trapped in the upper layer, and smaller particles are trapped in the lower part of the composite. This triple layer filtration media for automotive engine-intake filter applications assures consistent increase in the air filter life.
Kafron® is a composite of synthetic fiber,
It offers good temperature resistance & bending rigidity. It is easily pleated for rectangular, radial or custom pleat configurations.

Advantages of KAFRON

  • High Efficiency
  • Long Filter Life
  • Reasonable Price
  • Consistent Best Quality
  • Easily Pleated or Molded

Customer Support

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  • On Time Delivery
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    • On-going Programs
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  • Customized Products

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