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Rising levels of pollution, the need to protect passengers from smoke, pollen and fine airborne contaminants have increased dramatically in recent years. The introduction of cabin filtration for vehicles has allowed many leading car manufacturers to install cabin filters within vehicle air conditioning and ventilation units.
Cabin air filters were developed to offer a more comfortable ride for vehicle occupants through cleaner air. The cabin air filter is a critical part of a vehicle’s ventilation, heating, air conditioning and defrosting (HVAC) system. In addition, it protects passengers by providing clean air to breathe.
When the cabin air filter is dirty or clogged, less air passes through the filter, and this situation can make it harder to keep the air clean and flowing, hamper the performance of the HVAC system and shorten the life of vital system components.
The cabin air filter is located in front of the air conditioner and filters the dust particles, supplying the fresh clean air into the car. The filter has to be replaced at proper intervals in time in order to maintain its normal filtering function. The cabin air filter should be replaced at least every 15,000 km or once a year. To maintain optimum filtering action, we recommend replacing the filter twice a year, in the spring and fall.
Genplus cabin air filter media is produced using specialized synthetic microfiber nonwoven technology, which permits the formation of 3-layer media with unique characteristics such as high permeability and high efficiency with low pressure drop.
General Characteristics
Synthetic microfiber nonwoven (Melt-blown)
High efficiency with low pressure drop
Application Fields :
- Automotive Cabin Air filter
Basic Information :
- Quality Code : CA~ Series
Special quality is available upon customer request
- Width : Basis 1.80M
- Weight : 100Gsm ~
- Thickness : 0.30mm ~
- Roll Length : Standard 400-500M per roll
- Paper Core : Inside diameter 76mm