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What is Filtration?
Filtration plays an important role in most aspects of day-to-day life, with increasing emphasis on the control of pollution and the awareness of the need for clean air. The purpose of filtration is contamination control. Contamination control is the process of achieving a balance between the sources of contamination and the ability of a system to tolerate contamination.
The ultimate goal is to balance filtration performance with the desired cleanliness level.

The media in a filter is the physical mechanism used for contamination control.
Media construction and filter configuration determine the filter’s efficiency for removal of particles that it is contaminant capacity and the pressure drop, or resistance to flow, through the filter.
By working with these variables-efficiency, capacity, and pressure drop - the filter’s performance level can be determined.
What are the important characteristics of filtration media?
The important characteristics of filtration media are :
Strength : It must be strong enough to withstand the demands of the filter system.
Pore Size : The pores must be small enough to capture target particulates.
Capacity : The filter medium must refrain from blinding prematurely, shortening filter life, and increasing cost.
Chemical Compatibility : The composition must be compatible with the chemistry of the system. Filters must not leak chemicals into the systems, nor be weakened by chemical attack.
We at Genplus are the specialized manufacturer and supplier of nonwoven filter media and offer a variety of needle punched felts, spunbonds, fiber blends, and other custom-engineered roll medias.
Our experienced sales engineers can assist you in the selection of the most cost-effective filtration media required for your specific applications.
Below you will find the various filtration fields that Genplus serves. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help solve your filtration needs!